Customize the look and feel of your checklists 🎨

I'm excited to announce that the latest version of Interact List is live 🎉

This release includes a feature that lets you change the way your checklists look and feel 🙌. You can easily customize your checklists to match your branding or personal style.

Don't settle for a boring and mundane checklist when you can create a visually stunning and customized one. You have the power to make your checklists not only functional but also beautiful.

Don't wait any longer to get started - create your own customized checklist today

Customizer Options

blog checklist asset

We have many more improvements to enhance your experience:

  • Choose from any Google Font.

  • Adjust text size.

  • Choose between Circle or Square checkbox styles.

  • Ability to hide the checklist Title, Description, Progress Bar, Social Sharing options.

  • Ability to disable user progress tracking.

  • Remove all horizontal padding (full width, grows into container, works well for embedding)

  • Ability to hide ‘Interact List’ branding (requires license).

  • Upload a thumbnail image (Here's how it looks)

More Options

blog checklist asset


blog checklist asset