Custom thumbnail image 🖼️

Introducing Interact List's new feature: Custom Meta Images 🥳

What are meta images? "A meta image or a social share thumbnail, is a small image that appears alongside a link when shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. It serves as a visual representation of the content being shared and is designed to grab the attention of users"

All PRO plan users now have the ability to upload custom meta images. This feature enables you to craft visually captivating experiences for your audience, amplify engagement, and strengthen your brand recognition.

Here's an example taken from the Baby Shower Planning Checklist

blog checklist asset

You'll find the meta image uploader in the Customizer toolbar under "More Options"

blog checklist asset
  • Click on the default meta image to open the file selector

  • Choose your own image

  • Click the upload button

  • Save/Update your checklist to publish the changes

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