Customize your checklist completion CTA

I enjoyed building this feature! Stepping out of 'dev' mode and jumping into 'user' mode helped me improve UX and increase usage. Thinking of the user journey helped me find new events. What does that mean?

Well in this scenario we have the end of the timeline, which is when the user completes a checklist. What were we doing before? Nothing. What are we doing now? This new feature provides you with a way to customise a "completion" dialog (call to action).

You can customise the message, the button text and the button link.

This feature is great for sending users to other websites, or cross selling a product or service.
blog checklist asset

Rob Hope uses this feature in the Landing Page Testimonials checklist. He cross links to the Landing Page Pre-Launch checklist.

blog checklist asset

Another option is to promote a service or product. eg: When a user has completed your 33 Step SEO checklist you can link them to your Free SEO Course