Landing Page Hot Tips 🔥

On the 1st September 2020 Rob Hope released his ebook "Landing Page Hot Tips", of course I bought it. (Here's the launch tweet). Rob has many years of industry experience and he's used all this insight to provide a book with so much value. All these learnings are bundled up into 100 actionable tips. If you had to apply these 100 tips on your landing page, you would (without a doubt) improve your conversions.

Included in his epic ebook were 6 bonus interactive checklists 🙌

blog checklist asset

Rob was the first user of Interact List. We worked together to build a product that was easy to use and provided extra value to existing services.

"We built Interact List (alpha) as a bonus add-on to the Landing Page Hot Tips Ebook. Rob wanted interactive checklists (vs a static PDF) to strengthen the core product. This created a better first impression and a deeper learning experience for the user"

Interact List Alpha had launched, and these checklists are being used daily.

Next step: Analyse feedback and move through iterations of improvement.