Early pregnancy symptom checklist

This checklist includes both well known symptoms and unusual ones that are actually very normal

  • Early pregnancy symptoms you’ve probably heard of

  • These are the “classics”, typical markers that someone may have conceived and the metabolic and chemical changes of pregnancy are starting to take place. Some of these are less pleasant than others, but understanding first trimester pregnancy symptoms may help you deal with temporary discomfort and even enjoy the process!
  • Seemingly unusual early pregnancy symptoms that are totally normal

  • These signs typical of early pregnancy may seem a little weird, but they are all related to the changing hormones, fluid volume, and energy output required of pregnancy. If you experience one or more of those listed here and above, and it’s possible you could be pregnant, you might want to take a pregnancy test!
  • Pregnancy symptoms that are signs of concern

  • The following symptoms include some unique danger signs, as well as more severe versions of the symptoms above that require your attention and possibly medical care. If any symptom is combined with sudden, severe or persistent pain, or if your instincts tell you something isn’t right, contact your medical care provider(s) immediately.
  • Original checklist from sevenstarling.com
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