A Simple 14-Step SEO Audit Checklist

Follow this checklist to find common issues on your site and boost your Google rankings

  • 1. Check for manual actions

  • 2. Check organic traffic

  • 3. Check for HTTPS-related issues

  • 4. Check that you can only browse one version of your website

  • 5. Check for indexability issues

  • 6. Check for mobile-friendliness

  • 7. Check page speed

  • 8. Check Core Web Vitals

  • 9. Check for broken pages

  • 10. Check for sitemap issues

  • 11. Check basic on-page elements

  • 12. Check for declining content

  • 13. Check for content gaps

  • 14. Check for other technical issues

  • Final thoughts

  • Running this SEO audit gives you three things to take action on to improve SEO. Technical SEO issues – Fixing these may boost your site’s overall search performance. On-page SEO issues – Fixing these may increase your organic clicks. Content opportunities – Pursuing these may rank pages higher and for more keywords.  If you want to run a deeper audit, read our guide to running a technical SEO audit Original article written by Joshua Hardwick
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