Idea Validation Checklist

A comprehensive list of considerations for your next sideĀ­ project idea. Simply tick off items as you go and at the end youā€™ll have a much better understanding of what it will take to execute your idea.

  • 1. How passionate are you about the sideā€project subject?

  • 2. Why exactly are you building this sideā€project?

  • 3. Will you use your own sideā€project?

  • 4. Opportunity costs?

  • 5. Will your sideā€project solve a real problem?

  • 6. Is the sideā€project market progressive?

  • 7. Competition

  • 8. Are you able to build everything?

  • 9. Am I building a community?

  • 10. Are you fit for the hustle?

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